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Affiliated Agencies - Who I have worked with

Oceanside Police Department

San Diego P.E.R.T. Academy

Riverside Probation Department

City of Napa Police Department

San Gabriel Chiefs of Police Association

City of Baker Police Department

Sea World California

California Hostage Negotiators (CAHN)

City of Temecula Police Department

Treasure Valley Autism Society

City of Sunnyvale Public Safety

CIty of Wylie Texas (Texas)

New York State Police

Oakland Police Department

San Diego Sheriff's Department

Riverside Sheriff's Department

Ventura County Probation Department

Napa County Probation Department

San Diego Deputy Sheriff's Association

Ventura County Sheriff's Department

Ada County Sheriff's Department (Idaho)

New York Hostage Negotiators (NAHN)

San Diego Autism Society

Santa Barbara Autism Society

Kansas Association of Hostage Negotiators

Mono County Probation Department

Modesto Police Department

Pacific Park Santa Monica

San Diego Probation Department

Orange County Probation Department

Santa Barbara Probation Department

City of Santa Monica Police Department

City of Nampa Police Department (Idaho)

LEGOLAND California Resort

City of Portland Police Department (Oregon)

Texas Assoc. of Hostage Negotiators

Inland Empire Autism Society

Ventura County Autism Society

Leadership Pasadena

Six Flags Corporate Security

Stanislaus County Probation

These are some of the agencies whom I have worked with in various capacities. References are available upon request.