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All Classes Now Offered on Zoom!

Catalog of Classes

All Courses typically come in 2 hour, 4 hour or 8 hour sessions. Instructional times can be modified to fit needs.

The Instructor is willing to work with any agency seeking certification!

  • Autism for Police Officers: This class is designed for the patrol officer. This class focus on what autism is, what it looks like and how you will see it in the field. Students will utilize the instructors experience as both a police officer and the father of a child with autism to provide insight into the world of autism. Students will learn key terminology, public safety risks, how to communicate with a person with autism, de-escalation techniques and other valuable applicable information.  

  • Autism for Specific Areas of Law Enforcement: Classes have added specific information for special classifications of police services including; Crisis Intervention Training, Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT), School Resource Officers (SRO), Hostage Negotiators, transient populations and others.

  • Autism for Probation / Corrections: This course is designed for probation and corrections. These courses have specific information for dealing with juvenile and adult offenders, incarceration considerations, and other relevant information. This class is STC certified in the State of California.

  • Autism for Social Services: These courses are designed for department or organizations that function on social service work including; Department of Child and Social Services, Child Protection Services, Adult Dependent Services, and other community groups that focus all or in part with dealing with persons with autism. 
  • Autism for Theme Parks / Service Industry: These courses are specifically designed for those who provide services or attractions that require additional insight or training in the world of autism.

  • Autism for Schools: These courses are designed to focus on safety, safety risks and the relationship with school districts, law enforcement and the special needs community both serve. 

  • Autism and Caregivers / Families: This class is designed for families and caregivers of persons with autism. The focus is to have a parent or caregiver leave the course with a plan of action to help keep their loved one with autism safe. 

  •  Special Needs and Probation / Corrections: This class is comprised of the 10 most commonly dealt with special needs in the probation and corrections profession. Autism, down syndrome, schizophrenia, ADHD, Bi-polar disorder and more. This class is STC Certified in the State of California.

  •  Autism and Hostage Negotiation: This class is designed to advise and teach negotiators on how to best approach and handle calls involving persons with autism in the role as a negotiator or during a time of crisis.