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About Brian Herritt

Brian Herritt is a retired police officer and the proud father of a teenage son with severe autism. It was early in Officer Herritt's law enforcement career that he realized that a true lack of relevant training existed for public safety professionals in dealing with persons with autism and special needs.

In 2007, Officer Herritt started his journey by receiving a grant to purchase and develop training for public safety agencies in San Diego County.

In 2008, Officer Herritt was contacted by California Peace Officers Standards and Training (POST) to serve as a subject matter expert for the creation of a statewide training curriculum for police officers. His current training curriculum has been certified as POST and STC certified.

In 2009, Officer Herritt approached the San Diego Sheriff's Department and expressed his vision for a county wide special needs data base. That vision has now become the San Diego Sheriff's Department Take Me Home program. One of the most expansive and detailed special needs databases in the nation.

Throughout the next decade Officer Herritt continued to work bridging the gap between law enforcement and the autism community. Officer Herritt has since taught police officers, probation officers, parole officers, corrections officers, social services, theme parks, schools, parents and caregivers and other groups.

Officer Herritt is proud to have worked with numerous non-profit organizations and developed an expansive data base of contacts and experts from throughout the United States. Officer Herritt has also assisted law enforcement agencies in reviewing and advising large agencies and orginxations on inner department training, polices and procedures and adjusting their field training to match the current trends within the autism community.

In 2019, Officer Herritt published his first book. "A First Responders Guide to Providing Services to Special Needs Citizens". This book is designed ot be a field manual for all public safety professionals in dealing with those with special needs which includes mental illness and developmental disabilities.